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Flightserve USA was established through a unique partnership with Baptist Hospital South Florida (BHSF) to provide a groundbreaking premium non-emergency medical transfer via helicopter charter. This first-in-class new service will offer Baptist Founder Society members a convenient, seamless and time-saving private aviation transportation service to and from Baptist Health hospitals (including their network/affiliate centers) to local communities and beyond. We work with the Baptist Founders Society concierge to get you to your appointment on time, and in the comfort and convenience you deserve.

Flightserve will significantly facilitate and enhance access to BHSF for those who live outside the 15-mile radius of its main campus, which includes the new Miami Cancer Institute.  In addition to helicopter services to and from Baptist Health hospitals, we also offer our members private aviation transport services throughout South Florida and beyond.


Flightserve USA will offer Baptist Health Founder Society members preferential rates for air charter service within an annual subscription program per family. An on-demand 24/7 operation with exclusive pricing is offered to members for local and global air charter and air ambulances. This offer of exclusive rates is a value-add for any member and their family in case of unforeseen travel or health emergencies.
The membership rate for 2017 is $2,495 for Founder Society members, and $4,995 for non-society members.


Potential members can request our membership form from Flightserve USA or the Baptist Health Foundation and then complete and sign with payment details.  You will be offered an option to keep an open account to further streamline bookings. Our operations team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have at any time throughout the process.


Please submit your initial request via phone or email to our operations team on our dedicated line 1-800-833-1716 or at with your membership number. If by phone our operations team will ask you for your flight requirements, number of passengers, baggage requirements, type of aircraft etc. If you are booking by email we will send you a simple request form to complete following which we will call you back to verbally confirm your details and any special requirements for your flight.

A quotation will be submitted to you with a booking form for your signature to accept our Terms & Conditions of carriage. Payment will be taken either via credit/ debit card or bank transfer and an invoice will be provided. We will confirm all arrangements and provide you with a flight brief confirming your flight and crew details, contact on day of flight, joining details and times. Finally, we will also call you 24 hours prior to your flight to advise you of the weather and address any final questions you may have.

Call us 24 / 7 on +1-800-833-1716

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