What are the membership benefits?
Membership grants you access to guaranteed availability to our fleet helicopters at exclusive and preferred pricing.

What is Flightserve USA’s relationship with Baptist Health South Florida?
Through our support and partnership, we are The Official Aviation Transport Partner of Baptist Health South Florida.

How much does membership cost?
Membership starts at an inaugural annual rate of $995 for the first members of Flightserve USA for Baptist Founders Society members and goes up to $4995 for non-Baptist members.

Will I be sharing the helicopter?
No, not unless you want to.

Will I have a choice of helicopters?
We operate a wide variety of aircraft and will suggest the most appropriate helicopter for your specific needs based on range, number of passengers and comfort.

Can I bring other passengers?
Yes. Your membership includes everyone in your immediate family from grandparents to grandchildren, only you and your family can book preferential rates, but you can bring any other guests you like.

How many people can fly?
Between 1-5 passengers. This is dependent on type of aircraft selected

How do I pay and are there any additional fees?
You may pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer. There are no additional or surprize fees after we have provided your flight quote, unless you change the specifics.

Do you also provide private jet charter?
Yes, we provide a global air charter service by helicopter, seaplane, turboprop or jet.

Do you own and operate your own helicopters?
We do not own the helicopters, they are chartered or leased from fully licensed and accredited FAR (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 135 operators.

Do I have to be a member of the Baptist Founder Society?
No, however you will not have access to our preferred membership rates for Baptist Founder Society members.

What are your hours of operation?
We operate 24/7, however helicopter flights will be conducted from sunrise to sunset.

What if we want to fly somewhere else than Baptist Hospital?
We will take you wherever you want to go, and we have several popular routes and designated helipads around South Florida.

Do you ever suffer delays or interruptions to your scheduled flights?
There are many factors that are beyond our control that might, very occasionally, have an impact on your flight.  We pride ourselves in delivering solutions when faced with weather delays.

What happens if I book and my flight is cancelled due to weather?
You will be given the choice of rebooking or a full refund. We will also provide a ground transfer option in case your flight is cancelled.

Must I bring my photo identification with me?

What is the luggage policy?
Usually 1 piece of hand luggage per person, dependent on the number passengers and the type of aircraft.

What are your accreditations?
We follow and strictly abide by all required codes and regulations, both National and State

What about personal insurance?
We hold $10 Million individual insurance for each and every passenger. In addition, each of our operators holds $25 Million in cover.

Will I be able to buy blocks of hours for helicopter charter?
Yes, please ring 1-800-833-1716 to discuss your requirements and to inquire about our helicard

Call us 24 / 7 on
+1 800 833 1716

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